Tap to Get Shifts Whenever You Want.

With Staffly.ai, you have the power to fill your shifts whenever you want. Just a quick tap on the app connects you to a pool of qualified professionals ready to take on the job.

Business Benefits

With access to a pool of skilled professionals, it's easy to tap into a flexible workforce to meet fluctuating demand and optimize staffing.

AI Matching System

Experience precise job matching powered by AI technology.

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Dual Rating System

Benefit from a comprehensive dual rating system for transparency.

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1+ Years of Experience

We only onboard professionals with 1+ years of relevant experience.

AI Shift Fulfillment

Let AI optimize shift assignments for staffing in 2 hours or less.

AI Shift Forecasting

Stay ahead with AI-powered shift forecasting for better planning.

24/7 Business Support

Shoot us a text at any time and we will make sure to get back to you.